Political Aftershock

Friday, November 19, 2004

The Issues

I encourage you to submit your stories about:

- working poor - working full time but still can not afford to live

- health care - poor coverage or no coverage at all

- welfare - how is the welfare system treating you and how do you plan to get off it?

- the economy - tell how long you have been out of work

- the war in Iraq - who do you know is there?

I am soliticing this blog as a place where people can read how public policy impacts you as an individual.

Keep it real and keep it personal to you as an individual - not a personal attack of another.

Let's talk about the issues and not about the media or political agenda.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Okay...I can talk about the war, Clinton's Library, or the new appointees, but SEARS and K-Mart are merging! This is purely selfish on the basis that I own stock in K-Mart. That's all.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Secretary of State

Stiff Upper Lip Posted by Hello

I respect Condoleezza Rice as an intellectual and capable advisor for President Bush. I believe she is loyal to the President, which is why I am uncomfortable as her role of Secretary of State. I believe this position is about diplomacy and peace keeping, not that of conflict or war. Condoleezza has yet shown me her ability to influence and persuade her own opinions over Cheney's or Rumsfeld's. I have only seen her act as a supporter of the President, which is her job as an advisor. I have yet to see her exercise diplomatic skills to acheive collaboration.

America's reputation as a hardline agressor requires our Secretary of State to be influential and charasmatic. Yesterday on the O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly said that Bill Clinton would make a good Secreatry of State. Can Condoleezza bring in other countries to cooperate with America or only reiterate the party line message of staying on task?


Monday, November 15, 2004

Religion and Government

Our Goverment? Posted by Hello

Last night I watch a show called, "The Fight over Faith" on CNN. The purpose was to understand why there is such growth in "evangelical" Christianity right now. I really can't remember if they answered that question because I found something more interesting in the show, which is .... Religion, church or Christianity is not, by nature, a democracy. It is a monarch and Jesus is the king. The question to Americans is: Can you have a democratic government will promoting Christianity? Can you have Christianity in your government without sacrificing democracy?

Colin Powell

I'm a bit sadden by Powell's resignation because I thought he provided a voice of reason to Bush's administration. I recognize that his views weren't always valued, especially about going into Iraq. Certainly, just because he is an experienced miltary officer and thoughtful policy maker, it is understandable as to why Bush or Cheney under appreciated him, or at least his view point.

I admit, Powell shouldn't use the words "agressive policy" to describe his boss's foreign policy, especially to the media but I guess everyone has their limits. I wonder when Donald Rumsfeld will resign?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Political Jack

This is Jack, he's an English Springer Spaniel Posted by Hello

Politically Indifferent

I won't tell you who I voted for this year because I was an undecided voter until November 2nd. I was an undecided blogger for my local newspaper and I had so much fun discussing the issues instead of arguing the character of each candidate. If I told you how I voted then you will make assumption of who I am as a person. I am not Republican or Democrat. I am American who knows the political process.

I do have political opinions, but I have a habit of arguing both sides - just for the pleasure of debating myself. I don't think Republicans or democrats are right or wrong, but I believe their tactics have very different outcomes. I cannot accept any political party in its entirely because neither are entirely right.

Each person has their own belief and value system, but for some reason people believe the government should regulate or mandate them. I'm interested to understand this position, but I would like to know why government is the best organization to legislate values over churches, communities, and families.

What do you think?